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Overnight Dog Boarding

Comfortable accommodations with 24/7 supervision by safety-certified Pet Care Specialists make us a great alternative to dog sitting!


Guest Room

Our standard rooms are in an open-air atrium furnished with a cot & hypoallergenic bedding. Cleaned & sanitized daily.

Private Suite

Our suites are larger & separate from standard rooms for more privacy. They feature a raised cot & TV tuned to pet-themed shows (available for up to 2 pets in a family). Cleaned & sanitized daily.

Amenities & Services

  • Exercise walks at least twice daily
  • Hypoallergenic bedding
  • Unlimited walks to relief rooms treated with pheromones (so pets know it’s OK to go)
  • Medication dispensing – must be in original packaging (additional cost)
  • Guests can bring a favorite toy or blanket from home (limit two please)
  • 24/7 care & a veterinarian is always on call
  • Complimentary meals provided by Authority® (or guests may bring single-meal servings or treats in containers or bags labeled with pet’s name & provide written instructions)
  • Separate ventilation systems for dogs & cats
  • Late checkout available upon request (additional cost)
  • Flexible drop-off & pick-up times available
First-time guest? Check our vaccine requirements & required forms


Customize your dog’s stay at PetsHotel with playtime, snacks, activities or grooming services!


PlaytimeDoggie Day Camp (group)

Supervised exercise & interaction with other dogs in a safe, indoor playroom

full day, half day, 60 min. or 30 min. sessions available


PlaytimeIndividual Play

One-on-one play with a Pet Care Specialist in a safe, indoor playroom

60 min. or 30 min. sessions available

Snacks & Activities

Snacks & ActivitiesSnack KONG®

In-room activity includes a KONG® toy stuffed with a tasty filling to keep your dog entertained

Snacks & Activities

Snacks & ActivitiesTreat Time

Tasty dessert includes dog-friendly ice cream with a side of crunchy biscuits

Express Grooming

Express GroomingHomecoming Bath

A refreshing bath so your dog looks, smells & feels great before he heads home

Learn more about our grooming services

Express Grooming

Express GroomingNail Services

Quick nail trim or grind to tidy up nails to help prevent painful splaying & splitting

Learn more about our grooming services


SolutionsCalming Diffuser or Spray

SENTRY® calming products in your pet’s room to help provide a relaxing stay


SolutionsPersonal Training Camp

One-on-one training session with an accredited Trainer during your dog’s stay


PackagesBizzy Bundle™

Create the perfect activity bundle to keep your dog busy! Includes: Snack KONG®, Treat Time & 30-min. Doggie Day Camp (group or individual session)


PackagesSnack 'n Play

Keep your energetic dog happy with snacks & extra activities! Includes: Snack KONG®, Treat Time & 60-min. Doggie Day Camp (group or individual session)