Walk-In Services

We can take care of your dog's nails, paws, teeth and ears while you shop! Just walk right into our salon without an appointment. All walk-in dog grooming services are available individually or as add-ons to other packages.

Nail Trimming

Nail Services


A convenient service to trim & grind the nails & clean the ears

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Nail Grind

Grinding smoothes out rough
edges on your dog's nails to
reduce scratches

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Puppy Nail Grind

Grinding smoothes out rough
edges of your puppy's nails to
reduce scratches

(Up to 5 months old)

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PAWdicure PLUS

A popular service to trim & grind nails, clean ears & brush teeth

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Nail Grind & Ear

Smoothes out rough nails & cleans ears to minimize build-up

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Nail Trim

Prevents painful splaying &
splitting of the nails

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Nail Trim & Ear Cleaning

A quick touch-up to trim nails &
cleans ears to minimize build-up

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Pet Expressions*


Temporary color accents to
highlight you & your pet's style!

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Nail Polish

Application of pet-safe nail polish

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Decorative stencils create a fun
way for your pet to share your

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Handmade feather arrangements add extra flair to your pet's look!

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*Available for puppies 12 wks. & older. Chalking & Stenciling not available in SC, Boulder, CO & select cities in CA. Colors may vary by salon.

Flea & Tick Treatments**

K9 Advantix® II Solution & Application

Monthly protection for dogs with fleas & ticks

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K9 Advantix® II Solution Application Fee

Purchase the K9 Advantix II solution in our store & our PetStylists will apply it for you

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**Not available in IN, NJ, NY or Canada. In these areas, consult your salon for other treatment options

Ears, Nose, Pads & More

Ear Cleaning & Hair Removal

Reduces build-ups to help
prevent infections

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Teeth Brushing

Cleans teeth & freshens breath
for a healthier smile

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Nose & Pad Cream

A rejuvenating service to pamper your dog's rough skin

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All the grooming essentials - brushing, nail trim, teeth brushing
& more

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Anal Gland Cleaning

Helps prevent symptoms
associated with anal gland

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