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Intermediate Training

Puppy Training

Wouldn’t it be nice if your trained dog could stay in place while you walked into the other room for a few minutes? Or if he’d obediently remain by your side in a crowd? If your dog already knows basic cues, our Intermediate Education course can help your pet achieve the same results in situations involving more distance, duration and distractions – this course also covers new behaviors, such as, “heel,” “wait” and “go to bed.” Our accredited Dog Trainers will keep the work personalized and upbeat as you take each new step toward a complete training.

About the Course

  • Get a review of behaviors already learned
  • Practice behaviors with added distractions
  • Learn “heel,” “wait” “go to bed” & more
  • Course length: 6 weeks

Prerequisite: puppy training, beginner education or comparable skill level.

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*We require proof of current parvovirus, distemper, and parainfluenza vaccinations for all dogs. We also require current proof of a rabies vaccination for any dog over 4 months of age