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Training Classes

About Our Dog Training Classes

PetSmart’s dog training classes are structured by age and skill level, so the course you choose will fit both your needs and your dog’s developmental stage. Whether teaching the fundamentals or complicated behaviors, we exercise patience, care and commitment to help you get results.

Learning at PetSmart will provide a great foundation, and our accredited Dog Trainers will walk you through helpful work you can do at home to foster consistent behavior in the future.

Available Dog Training Classes

PetSmart Training Classes: Puppy Training

Puppy Training

For puppies 10 weeks to 5 months old

Course info
Beginner Dog Training Classes

Beginner Training

For dogs 5 months and up with no previous training

Course info
Intermediate Dog Training Classes

Intermediate Training

For dogs who already know basic cues

Course info
Advanced PetSmart Training Classes

Advanced Training

Helping enforce reliability and more complex behaviors

Course info
Additional Dog Training Courses

Additional Training

Learn about our Click-A-Trick course, Private Education and Personal Training Camp

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