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Our Accredited Dog Trainers


trained in canine behavior,
learning theory &
problem solving

Expertise & Care

Each accredited Dog Trainer is an expert in dog behavior and learning theory. They’re also passionate about what they do, and they’re committed to success at every stage of training.

Proven Techniques

Developed by leading dog trainers and animal behaviorists, our techniques are proven to be effective.

Keeping It Enjoyable

Our training is fun and upbeat, creating a positive experience you and your dog can share.

Knowledgeable, patient & committed to results

Our accredited Dog Trainers are able to help you understand why your pet behaves a certain way and how you can use that information to achieve consistent, healthy behaviors. Getting those results takes a combination of verbal cues, hand signals and positive reinforcement, but our trainers also understand that it takes dedication and a lot of patience.

Our unique approach

At PetSmart, we believe that rewarding your dog for wanted behaviors is the most effective — and fun — way to train him. By linking visual cues to motivating rewards, your dog learns that good things come to him when he responds to you.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive Reinforcement

An effective, humane way to train your dog. Our methods get consistent results because they make your dog want to learn!

Real-world Environment

Real-World Environment

Our training environment is full of unique distractions. This helps dogs learn to repeat cues in public places like sidewalks and parks.

SmartPet Promise

SmartPet Promise

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your results, we’ll keep working with you until you are — even if it means retaking the class for free!