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Optimum Wellness Plans®

The Right Pet Insurance for Every Stage

The Right Preventive Care for Every Health Stage

Add years to your pet’s life with an Optimum Wellness Plan. The wellness plans are designed to give you affordable options that can be personalized to meet your pet’s unique needs. They help you choose the right plan and options for you and your pet.

Each wellness plan covers unlimited office visits, comprehensive exams, special discounts on products and services and so much more! Healthy pets and peace of mind go hand in hand!

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Optimum Wellness Plans are not pet insurance... they’re better!

Banfield Pet Hospital offers its clients affordable, comprehensive wellness plans for their pets. They believe proactive preventive care not only improves the quality of your pet’s life, it will add years to it. That’s why Banfield developed wellness plans to help make caring for your pet simple and affordable through every stage of your pet’s health.

Unlike the average veterinary pet insurance where you pay for coverage you may never use, Optimum Wellness Plans always provide the services you pay for. Banfield wellness plans provide affordably priced healthcare plans that spread the cost, conveniently over 12 months. Optimum Wellness Plans promote disease prevention and early diagnosis and are not intended to treat injury or illness. Think of them as discounted, bundled preventive care plans. They include free office visits and discounts all year!

  • Unlimited free office visits & physical exams with convenient hours
  • Comprehensive exams by a licensed veterinarian
  • High-quality vaccines
  • Early screening for serious illnesses
  • Convenient drop-offs and evening & weekend hours
  • Discounts on most other Banfield products & services
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Special offers on Royal Canin® Veterinary Diets