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Taking Your Pet for a Vet Visit

The Comprehensive Pet Exam

Know the Signs & Save
Your Pet

It’s important to pay attention to your pet and to take note of any physical or behavioral changes and illness symptoms that may warrant a vet visit.

If your pet is enrolled in an Optimum Wellness Plan®, you won’t have to worry about the cost of taking your pet in for an office call. Free, unlimited office visits are included in our Wellness Plans.

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Even when there are no symptoms, always keep your pet healthy!

Pets, even those that are healthy and exhibit no signs of illness symptoms, should visit the veterinarian twice annually for a comprehensive examination. In addition to these regular exams, make sure you contact your Banfield veterinarian if your pet has any of the following symptoms:

  • Any change in behavior, energy level or routine
  • Weight loss, weight gain or change in appetite
  • Vomiting, diarrhea or a change in water intake/urine output
  • Change in the appearance of urine
  • Change in appearance of the coat and/or skin (the health of your pet’s coat/skin provides insight to his or her health on the inside)
  • Bad odor anywhere on the body, including bad breath (which could indicate periodontal disease)
  • Change in your pet’s ability or willingness to exercise
  • Unusual panting (for example, panting even in moderate temperatures or after mild exertion)
  • Change in the normal pink color of your pet’s gums in the mouth
  • Mental/behavioral changes, including dullness or confusion, abnormal unexplained behaviors or fears, anxiety or abnormal vocalization
  • Limping or not using a leg; trouble with mobility
  • The appearance of pain, which can be manifested by withdrawing from normal activities, protecting a part of the body or, sometimes, acting aggressively or fearful when being touched
  • Ingestion of toxic substances—antifreeze, rat poison, fermented compost, sugarless gum, prescription medications or other drugs, to name just a few. You should contact a local emergency animal hospital immediately if you even suspect your pet has ingested one of these substances.
  • Suspected or obvious eye injuries, facial swelling or insect bites or stings, especially around the face

At the onset of these abnormal symptoms, call your Banfield veterinarian to schedule an appointment at one of our locations near you. Your veterinarian will be able to check for illness symptoms and work with you to provide at-home care and a treatment plan if your pet does get diagnosed with an illness.

For more specific information about how a comprehensive exam is important for
your pet’s health or to schedule a comprehensive exam, contact your local
Banfield Pet Hospital
or contact client services at 866-894-7927.