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Prevention is Our Promise

We partner with pet parents to focus on prevention. It’s how we approach pet health care.

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Veterinary Services & Preventive Care Philosophy

Preventive Pet Health Care

Preventive veterinary care can help save your pet the discomfort of advanced illness, & help save you the stress & expense of treatment

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Optimum Wellness Plans®

Our one-of-a-kind & affordable pet health care plans at our hospitals can be customized for your pet’s unique needs at every life stage

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Other Pet Health Care Services

Along with preventive pet health care we offer veterinary surgery, pet dentistry & other vital services

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Why Preventive Pet Health Care Matters

  • Twice-a-year Exams

    Veterinary exams help monitor your pet’s ongoing preventive care.
  • Dental Care

    Because dental disease affects 92% of dogs and 84% of cats age 3 and older in the U.S., many Optimum Wellness Plans® include an annual pet dental cleaning.
  • Behavior

    Understanding the behavior of your pet can help you recognize if something is wrong. Your local veterinary hospital can help identify red flags so we can address underlying health problems together.
  • Parasite Control

    Luckily, these dangerous threats to your pet’s health are easy to prevent. Regular pet hospital visits allow us to screen and test for parasites so we can detect them early.
  • Nutrition

    The food you feed your pet contributes to their overall health. Work with your veterinarian to find the best diet for your pet.
  • Vaccinations

    Routinely recommended vaccinations are a crucial – and easy – component to protect your pet. Choosing an Optimum Wellness Plan ensures your pet’s vaccines are up-to-date.

State of Pet Health Report: Get the Facts

Our annual State of Pet Health Report analyzes data from nearly 2.4 million dog and 480,000 cat patients at our pet hospitals in the U.S., to give you information to make the best health decisions for your pet.

Committed to the wellness of pets & people

For Pets

Preventive care, enhancing the pet-human bond, & disaster relief

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For Communities

Volunteering & giving back to pet welfare groups

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For Our Associates

Nurturing our associates & sharing knowledge

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