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Healthy Teeth, Healthier Life. Pet Dental Solutions at PetSmart
PetSmart Dental Solutions

Bad Breath & Yellow Teeth? Start a Dental Routine!

Dental disease impacts 89% of dogs and 83% of cats over the age of three. Poor oral health can lead to periodontal disease with loose, painful teeth and eventually tooth loss.

healthy & unhealthy dental diagram of a small pet

The good news is that you can improve your pet's health with a manageable, preventive dental care routine that starts at home. A good dental routine includes steps you can take daily, weekly, monthly & yearly to help prevent dental disease.

Daily Solutions

While food & treats can contribute to plaque & tartar buildup, the right ones can prevent it or even extend time between professional cleanings. See how dental formulas work ‣

Eukanuba Dog Food with 3D Dental Defense


3D DentalDefense® in every bag proven to reduce tartar buildup

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Hills Science Diet Food Oral Care

Hill's® Science Diet®

Oral Care food uses fiber & kibble shape to clean teeth

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Pet Treats for Dental Health

Treat their Teeth!

Dental chews, crunchy biscuits & long-lasting chews & rawhide

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Weekly Solutions

Ideally, brushing your pet's teeth at least three times per week is a cost-effective way to prevent periodontal disease because it breaks down the buildup of plaque & tartar.

Pet Teeth Brushing

Getting started

If brushing is new to your pet, this easy guide can help!

See the quick-start guide ‣
Teeth Brushing Tools

Teeth brushing tools

Dental wipes, finger brushes & more advanced brushes

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Foams, Gels, Spays & Tabs for Dental Care

Beyond the brush

Foams and gels, water additives, sprays & tabs

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Monthly Solutions

Inspect your pet's mouth for signs of dental issues & use dental-specific toys or rawhide to help physically scrape away food debris & bacteria.

A Closer Look at Dental Disease

Dental disease

A closer look at the signs, risk factors & stages of dental disease

See the signs ‣
dental-specific toy products

Dental-specific toys

Toys shaped specifically for oral care can help scrape away debris

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Dental Chews & Rawhide Products

Lasting chews & rawhide

Encourage continued chewing to reduce tartar & plaque

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Yearly Solutions

See your vet yearly to schedule a thorough dental exam.
Find a Banfield vet ‣


Don't Forget
Your Small Pet's

Did you know small pet teeth never stop growing?
Learn more ‣

Healthy & Unhealthy teeth diagram

Look for sticks, tubes, huts & balls made of wood, sisal, broom grass & loofah to keep incisors and molars at a healthy size

Small Pet Dental Problem Signs

  • Sudden change in diet preference
  • Loss of appetite
  • Change in stool

If you notice any of these signs, please contact your veterinarian