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What is PetSmart Happiness in Store? It's being greeted by friendly associates who know your name and your pet's name. Or seeing your dog light up when he sees his favorite PetSmart trainer or groomer. It's those special moments when you know our associates care about your pet as much as you do.

PetSmart associates create these moments every day. Thousands of Pet Parents have shared their stories of how our associates have reached out and created personal, emotional connections with them and their pet.

Do you have a story about how a PetSmart associate created Happiness in Store for you and your pet? Share it with us!

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“Harley’s Birthday”

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Featuring Toni Monti, Harley, Jack and PetSmart Associate, Robert
Tempe, AZ, Store 161

“Not only did PetSmart give Harley the best day of his short, happy life, but they also welcomed Jack into their family!”
– Toni

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“More than Training”

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Featuring Katie Blake, Logan and PetSmart Associate, Wendy
Downers Grove, IL, Store 1136

“No one thought Logan was trainable; we were told he was a lost cause. I was concerned that Logan was still showing aggressive behavior at five months, but Wendy, a PetSmart trainer, gave us a new life with him.”
– Katie

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“How PetSmart Helped Raise Little Emma”

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Featuring Kelly Reid, Emma and PetSmart Associate, Justin
Kanata, ON, CA, Store 2021

“When I adopted Emma, I was a new mommy with new mommy worries, until my friends at PetSmart answered all my questions. We’re well through her puppyhood now, but if I need anything, I still go to PetSmart for help.”
– Kelly

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See More Great Stories
Abbie You're A Rock Star

Brad trained dogs and had to see us coming that day. He struck up a conversation with my husband who immediately grabbed me from the check out counter to come meet this person. I remember how positive and calm he was from the beginning.

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Randell-Our spotted leopard gecko

Being first time reptile owners we were clueless as to how to care for a baby gecko. Scott "The Reptile King" at PetSmart was able to help.

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My first time

I recently adopted a Siamese cat, buy his endless amounts of energy was too much. Then I met Pablo at PetSmart. He immediately offered his assistance and provided me with options that helped me with my wild kitty.

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My Son's Fish

My son Anthony and I just love going to PetSmart. He's a toddler and really wanted a pet of his own so we decided fish would be a good place to start.

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Where everybody knows your name

I have been taking my dog, Averie, to PetSmart since she was a puppy. She has taken Puppy, Intermediate & Advanced Education with some amazing trainers, as well as Click-A-Trick class.

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Yoshi's Love Affair With Petsmart Grooming Salon

From the very first time Yoshi set his paws at the Petsmart grooming salon it was love at first sight.

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Cera and Lizzie

My newly-wed husband and I adopted our first puppy. We loved her, but were overwhelmed with her energy! Then we found PetSmart's Doggie Day Camp!

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Tino & Rob

This is not just a one time happy experience, it's EVERY single time I bring my dog into PetSmart for Daycamp. Rob who is the manager of the Bellevue, WA PetsHotel is awesome.

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