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Many hamster breeds make great pets because they’re so easy to care for. You can get all the food, treats, bedding, and habitat supplies your hamster will need at PetSmart.

Habitats and Toys

Habitats and Toys
  • Your hamster needs a solid floor cage or habitat.
  • Select a habitat with plenty of space for a food dish, water bottle, exercise wheel, and a hiding area.
  • Hamsters have lots of energy and need to run on a wheel or in an exercise ball every day.
  • Hamsters enjoy hide houses. Edible varieties help encourage normal chewing behavior.
  • Hamsters have sensitive feet and need soft bedding to stay healthy.
  • Hamsters love to burrow and shred materials, so provide lots of clean aspen, pine or recycled paper bedding.

Food and Treats

Habitats and Toys
  • Pelleted food will make up the largest part of your hamster’s diet.
  • Hamster teeth never stop growing, so your pet needs lots of healthy things like treats and chew sticks to chew on at all times.
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Visit Our Live Pet Center

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