A Healthy Snake

An Ounce of Prevention

The secret to successful snake pet parenting isn't very complicated. Snakes should be provided with a clean, stress-free environment. Meeting the basic needs of a snake including appropriate temperatures, humidity levels and security will go a long way towards preventing common health problems.

Signs of a Healthy Snake

  • Consistent behavior
  • Clear, alert eyes (except during shedding)
  • Good body condition
  • Regular shedding during growth
  • Eating and drinking with regular frequency
  • Well-formed stool 2-3 days after feeding

Things to Watch For

  • Runny stool or red streaks in the stool
  • Sudden changes in behavior
  • Eating or drinking less; weight loss
  • Discharge from the nose or mouth
  • Difficulty shedding; discolored skin or patches of skin or eye caps remaining after shed

If you are ever unsure about why your snake is experiencing a particular issue or behaving a certain way or you notice any of the signs above, visit a reptile veterinarian.


  • Growing snakes shed more frequently.
  • If your snake sheds in pieces and not in one long, continuous piece, check your humidity levels and adjust if necessary.
  • If you notice skin covering your snake's eyes and the tip of his tail during the shedding process, you should consult your veterinarian.
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