Reptile Diet & Nutrition

Live Food

Live Food
  • A mix of crickets and worms provides an optimal amount of protein and encourages natural feeding behavior.
  • Coating crickets and worms with calcium dust greatly helps in bone development.

Did you know PetSmart stores carry live food?

  • Regular & Giant Mealworms – A great source of protein
  • Superworms – Attractive to reptiles, easy to digest
  • Waxworms – Tasty, high in fat
  • Red Wigglers – Turtles and amphibians love them
  • Nightcrawlers – A tasty treat for turtles
  • Fruit Flies – Excellent for a variety of reptiles
  • Frozen Mice – A staple for snakes
  • Crickets – Stimulates natural hunting instincts

Selection varies by store. Ask an associate for details.


  • Pellets can provide a complete, vitamin-rich diet for many reptiles.
  • Mix pellets with freeze-dried or live foods to help your reptile get used to eating them.
  • A staple diet for turtles and tortoises.


  • Feeding your reptile treats, including freeze-dried foods, is a great way to reward and interact with him.
  • Treats are often a convenient source of protein.

Fruits & Veggies

Fruits & Veggies
  • Fresh fruits and veggies are an all-natural addition to your reptile's diet. Some reptiles – such as tortoises – like to eat them several times a week.
  • Canned fruits and veggies add moisture to your pet's diet and are a convenient food topper.
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