Choosing a Reptile

Most Popular Reptiles

  How big? Lives to be Eats Environment Ideal parent
Anole 8" 5+ years "Gut-loaded"
crickets, worms
Tropical Beginner
Bearded Dragon 24" 10+ years "Gut-loaded"
crickets, worms, veggies
Desert Beginner - Intermediate
Leopard Gecko 10" 15+ years "Gut-loaded"
crickets, worms
Desert Beginner - Intermediate
Snake 24" - 72" 15+ - 35+ years Frozen mice or rats Desert, tropical Beginner - Intermediate
Tortoise 8" - 12" 50+ years Fruits, veggies Desert, tropical Beginner
Turtle 7" - 11" 30+ years Crickets, worms, goldfish, veggies, canned food, pellets Semi-aquatic, tropical Beginner
Water Dragon 24" - 36" 15+ years "Gut-loaded" crickets, worms Tropical Intermediate
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Ideal parent level for each pet is based on:

1) Ease of basic care and feeding
2) Difficulty of habitat setup and maintenance (including all heating and lighting requirements)
3) Risk of pet escape or Pet Parent injury during handling

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