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Pet Rabbits

Wondering what life with a pet rabbit is like?

This general info will help prepare your whole family to make your rabbit's homecoming a pleasant one.

  • Rabbits are herbivores; they eat only plants. So feeding them hay is a necessity. Hay helps maintain proper teeth wear and is vital to maintaining a healthy, functioning gastrointestinal system.
  • Rabbits love to chew. Provide them with appropriate outlets for the behavior including chew sticks and toys. Ensure that cords, outlets, and house plants are out of reach when they're outside of their habitats.
  • Interact with your rabbit by getting down on his level and playing with him on the floor. Be sure to monitor him during playtime—rabbits are quite inquisitive!
  • Rabbits like company. The best combination is two females from the same family. Male rabbits should be neutered by a veterinarian and then can be housed together or with female rabbits. In addition, your veterinarian can spay your female rabbit.
  • Rabbits groom themselves. But brushing your pet with a soft, wire brush will help with any tangles, help prevent hairballs and assist with bonding.
  • Rabbits can live eight to ten years with proper care. You can strengthen your bond through the years by providing your rabbit with daily social time out of the cage.
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