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Hermit Crab Crabitat

What You Need

  • A terrarium or aquarium with a lid that's strong enough and large enough to hold substrate and all your Hermit Crabs (estimate five gallons of habitat space for every two crabs).
  • One food dish and one water dish (shallow enough for bathing) with a natural sea sponge inside for climbing.
  • A nocturnal heat lamp or under tank heater.
  • A spray bottle or terrarium humidifier.
  • At least two empty shells per Hermit Crab that are 10-15 percent larger than those your Hermit Crabs currently live in.
  • Climbing accessories, such as driftwood, habitat ornaments, such as plastic plants, and hiding places designed for aquariums or terrariums.

You can find all your Hermit Crab products at petsmart.com or at a PetSmart location near you.

Products to Consider:

Setup & Maintenance

Your Hermit Crab habitat needs to be kept warm, at least 70-75° F, and humid, at least 50-80 percent humidity. In cooler environments you can use an under-tank heater to keep your habitat warm, but make sure to provide at least one inch of substrate over the heater for protection. Misting the habitat with dechlorinated water will help maintain humidity levels. Do not place your Hermit Crab habitat near direct sunlight or near windows or doors with drafts.

You'll need about 1.5 pounds of aquarium gravel for every gallon of your tank to create a 2-3 inch layer of substrate. Rinse the gravel before adding it to the aquarium. You can choose, instead, to use 2-3 inches of fine reptile bark bedding to help maintain humidity.

You can add artificial plants to your crabitat for decoration — Hermit Crabs may eat live plants — as well as climbing areas like ornaments and rocks and hiding places designed for aquariums.

Check the humidity and temperature levels daily to make sure your Hermit Crabs are comfortable, and clean the habitat decor and gravel on a monthly basis. You'll also want to replace the bark bedding every month to maintain a clean and healthy living environment for your Hermit Crabs.