Your Hamster can live 1.5 to 2 years and will be a very social and high-energy animal, so when setting up his new home make sure you have everything he’ll need to lead a healthy and happy life:


There are five pet Hamster species, including the Syrian or Golden Hamster as well as four species of Dwarf Hamsters (Campbell’s Russian Hamster, Winter White Hamster, Roborovskii’s Hamster, and the Chinese Hamster). Syrian Hamsters should be kept as only pets, while Dwarf Hamsters can be only pets or housed with other Hamsters.

Your Hamster will grow up to be between 2 to 7 inches and could have a variety of coat colors, including brown, sandy brown, golden brown, gray, white, black, often with white bellies. Hamsters also have barely visible tails and poor eyesight, but very acute hearing.

Hamsters are social and playful pets, and they are nocturnal, which means they will sleep during the day and be awake at night – the opposite of you. They are very sound sleepers and can often become startled or afraid when awoken. Make sure your Hamster isn’t in one of these moods before your handle him.

If you want to keep more than one Hamster in the same habitat make sure they are the same gender.


Hamsters are extremely active pets; they can run up to 20 miles a day, which is why they need an exercise wheel and often enjoy an exercise ball. They are not as vocal as Guinea Pigs but they will make certain noises at night, including gnawing, cracking seeds, drinking water, and wheel running.

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