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Flea & Tick solutions for your dog & cat

K9 Advantix® II

Advantix II - Shop dog

Advantage II

Advantage® II
Topical, all-stage flea control in a once-monthly treatment.

Advantage II - Learn more

Sergeant’s Oatmeal Flea and Tick Shampoo

Sergeant’s Oatmeal Flea and Tick Shampoo
Keep your pet clean and flea-free with this conditioning shampoo.

Sergeant’s Oatmeal Flea and Tick Shampoo - Learn more

Sergeant’s Home and Carpet Spray

Sergeant’s Home and Carpet Spray
Help control flea infestation within your home with this deodorizing spray.

Sergeant’s Home and Carpet Spray - Learn more

K9 Advantix® II* (dogs only)

Providing repel-and-kill protection, K9 Advantix® II is a once-monthly topical treatment that eliminates a variety of pests using a multi-pronged approach: Imidacloprid attacks the nervous systems of existing fleas, killing 98-100% of them within two hours. Pyriproxyfen then prevents eggs from hatching, ending the flea lifecycle. A third active ingredient, permethrin, provides repellency and protection from additional pests, such as ticks, mosquitoes and biting flies.

Kills on contact and is safe, easy to apply and completely waterproof. K9 Advantix II is available in four weight ranges for dogs.

Pests: The Threat to Your Pet Video

Pests: The Threat to Your Pet

About Pests Video

Make Pests Dog-gone

Comparing "Spot-On" Topical Treatments

K9 Advantix® II

Kills Adult Fleas
Repels Fleas
Kills Flea Eggs & Larvae
Kills Ticks
Kills & Repels Mosquitoes
Other Parasite Info.Repels biting
flies, kills lice
Time to WorkWithin 12 hrs
Active Ingredients(s)Imidacloprid,
When to ApplyMonthly
Doses Available6 or 4
NotesFor use on dogs only

* K9 Advantix ® II is for use on dogs only