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Betta Fish Tanks

Do not put male Bettas in the same bowl or tank

Because they are territorial you can only keep one Smale Betta with non-aggressive fish in a community tank or by themselves in a desktop tank. Multiple female Bettas can live together in tanks. Females should be kept away from males, as the male can chase and even kill the female if she is not ready to breed.

Tank Requirements

  • Bettas require a bowl that can hold at least a quart of water.
  • Water must be maintained between 74° and 85° Fahrenheit. In houses with cooler temperatures, you will need both a heater and a thermometer to maintain the proper temperature.
  • When housing a single male Betta in a community tank, a good guideline for water volume is to have one gallon (4 L) of water for every 1" (3 cm) of adult fish.
  • Bettas have delicate fins, so should not be housed with aggressive fish species or with fin nippers, such as tiger barbs. Avoid using rough decor or sharp-edged plastic plants with Bettas.

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