Betta Fish Care


Bettas are carnivorous and can be fed flake or pelleted food. Please refer to the food packaging for feeding guidelines so you do not overfeed.

Bettas also enjoy eating frozen or freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex worms, mosquito larvae and daphnia. When feeding Bettas frozen food, please make sure that it is thawed.

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Care & Maintenance

Keeping your Betta's habitat clean is an ongoing process.

Daily Maintenance

  • Feed a small amount twice daily, or as directed by food packaging.
  • Check that water is kept between 74° and 85° Fahrenheit.

Weekly Maintenance

  • Change the bowl water weekly, making sure that it is dechlorinated and at the correct temperature.
  • Make sure that the environment is free of debris.
  • Scrub any algae that accumulate on the glass.

Monthly Maintenance

  • For an aquarium-dwelling Betta, vacuum gravel and perform a 25% partial water change with dechlorinated water.
  • Test water quality in an established aquarium. PetSmart will perform a free test if you bring in an aquarium water sample.
  • Maintain filter (replace cartridge, carbon, rinse pre-filter, etc)
  • Prune live plants.
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If you see any of the following signs below please speak to a PetSmart store associate or a veterinarian about your pet's health.

Things to Watch For:

  • Unusual swimming pattern
  • Thinness or decreased appetite
  • Abdominal swelling
  • Inflamed or discolored skin or fins
  • Fins clamped to sides of body
  • Scraping body on rocks (flashing)
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