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Bearded Dragons for Kids

Bearded Dragons make great family pets and are fun to care for, especially when you and your children do it together as a team. With a basic knowledge of hygiene and some fundamental facts, children 10 and over can help give Bearded Dragons a healthy and happy life. Have children thoroughly wash their hands up to the elbows before reaching into the pet's terrarium. Let your kids know that is a critical step simply because Bearded Dragons can react to any chemicals or dirt that might be on people's skin. You can go along with the preparation as well and make it a fun event for the whole family. Stand by as your kids interact with your family's pet and encourage them to gently hold the pet and avoid rubbing their eyes or putting their hands near their own mouths. Once the session is over, get together with your kids and wash everyone's hands and arms with soap and water.

Fun Facts about Beardies

  • The name Bearded Dragons is derived from the fact that when these reptiles "puff up," the spiny skin under their throats looks like a beard.
  • In June 2008, Zak-n-Wheezie, the longest-living two-headed bearded dragon on record celebrated their first birthday.
  • The deserts and semi-arid scrub lands of southeastern Australia are home to the bearded dragon outside of captivity.
  • Bearded Dragon refers primarily to the species known as Pogona vitticeps and belongs to the family Agamidea.
  • When properly cared for, Beardies can live 10-12 years!
  • Males can grow to about 16-24 inches while females are usually smaller.
  • To prevent overheating, a Beardie can make its skin a very light color that deflects heat.
  • Many Bearded Dragons learn to "wave"—the Beardie will rest on three legs and raise one of its front arms then slowly wave in a circular motion.

What makes Bearded Dragons so popular?

  • They look really cool and are fun to watch
  • They're gentle and have laid back personalities
  • They're a great introduction for anyone interested in reptile pet parenting
  • They're fun to take care of