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Bearded Dragon Habitats

Beginners should choose a Bearded Dragon that has clear, alert eyes and a muscular tail and house no more than two per terrarium. If possible, get a pair, but do not house two males together (males have large pores along the bottoms of their thighs), because they may fight and seriously injure each other. If you decide to house two female Beardies together, make sure they’re about the same size. Also, choose a terrarium that can comfortably accommodate your Beardie when it reaches full size - Bearded Dragons can grow up to be 24" (61cm) long.


Use a well-ventilated, 40 gal. (151L) or larger glass terrarium.

Hiding & basking

Include a basking area close to the heat source. Also add a wood or rock hiding place in the cool area of the home.


Keep the humidity level in the habitat between 20-30%. A hygrometer (humidity gauge) will help you keep track.


Day – maintain a daytime temperature between 75-85º F (24-29º C)
Basking – use a basking spot lamp to create a basking area of 100-115º F (38-49º C)
Night – maintain a nighttime temperature between 65-75º F (18-24º C) (use a ceramic heat emitter if necessary)

Maintaining proper basking areas as well as cooler areas plays a key role in helping your Beardie with optimal growth and digestion. Place a thermometer at each end of the home to monitor temperatures


Use a daytime UVA/UVB fluorescent bulb for approximately 12 hours of light per day to help your bearded dragon process calcium.

Bedding & Sand

For juveniles less than 6" (15cm) long, line their home with newspaper or reptile carpet; use a 3"- 6" (8-15cm) layer of calcium sand for adults. Clean out waste weekly and change bedding at least once a month.

Our Desert Reptile Habitat Care Guide includes

  • Basic information about habitats
  • Things to remember
  • Lighting & heating guidelines
  • Set up instructions
  • Humidity & temperature information
  • Tips for furnishing a habitat
  • A shopping list you can print out and take with you or cross reference when you shop online

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