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Cat Nutrition Guide

What you feed your pet makes a difference

Our philosophy is simple—the best nutrition brings out the best in your pet. We're here to help find the right food for your pet's unique needs while making selection easy. To determine your pet's most important nutrition needs, start with three simple questions.

What's your pet's breed?
Breed matters - kibble can be customized for your pet's breed specific needs like hip & joint support or skin & coat health.

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What's your pet's age?
Kittens, adults & seniors all have
different & special nutritional needs. This is
especially true when it comes to growth,
energy & mobility.

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Does your pet have special health

Pet foods can be formulated to support
a specific condition—from limited
ingredient recipes to minimize food
sensitivities to reduced calorie formulas
for weight maintenance.

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Your Pet Deserves the Best

See the difference the right food can make.

  • Quality meat to support protein needs; often the main ingredient
  • More veggies & fruit to boost vitamin intake
  • Omega fatty acids to support a shiny coat
  • Fewer fillers like corn, wheat or soy
  • More of the nutrients your pet needs per serving compared to lower quality foods
  • More value per serving
  • More nutrients absorbed means firmer, smaller stools
  • Pre & probiotics added to support healthy digestion
  • Formulas made for your pet's specific health need, lifestyle or activity level
  • Includes limited ingredient, grain-free, organic, hairball, urinary health, oral care, weight maintenance, breed & life stage

Which Food is Right for Your Pet?

Try Natural Nutrition if:

  • You're looking for wholesome nutrition made without artificial ingredients, colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Your pet may have food sensitivities to specific proteins or grains
  • You prefer organic varieties

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List of Natural Brands
List of Specialized Brands

Try Specialized Nutrition if:

  • Your pet needs nutritional support for his lifestyle, like for indoor cats or less active dogs
  • You're looking to support your pet's performance or energy levels
  • Your vet prescribes nutritional support to target specific health conditions

Try Raw or Fresh Nutrition if:

  • Minimal food processing with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives is important
  • You're looking for a higher meat or moisture content
  • You want to get as close as possible to your pet's ancestral nutrition

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List of Fresh Brands
Sweet potatoes, blueberries, carrots, and apples

Not all food is
created equally

Most pet food on the market meets AAFCO requirements ? in basic nutrients to support major pet life stages. However, not all pet foods are created equal when you take a look at the ingredient label.

You will also find that when compared to natural, specialized and fresh nutrition, lower cost foods may have fewer formulas for your pet's specific conditions, like: limited ingredient, grain-free, organic, hairball, urinary health, oral care, weight maintenance, breed and life stage.