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Puppy Meet Child: How to Properly Introduce Puppies and Children

An excerpt from the book "The Bichon Frise" Copyright 2006 by T.F.H. Publications

If you have children and are adopting a puppy or are a puppy Pet Parent and are having young children over to visit, you'll want to introduce them to one another in a way that is friendly and non-threatening for both parties.

Here are some tips to help introduce your pet to young children:

  1. Demonstrate with a stuffed toy how to safely and carefully handle a puppy. Have your children practice holding and petting the toy animal.
  2. When your new dog and children meet for the first time, an adult should calmly hold the puppy while the kids quietly and slowly approach. Allow the pup to smell the back of their partially closed hand first. Then they may gently pet him.
  3. Children must not be allowed to handle a puppy or dog roughly. Don’t let them pinch or poke him, or pull his tail, ears, or legs. Teach them not step on or drop the dog, or squeeze him tightly. Never let your child hit the dog
  4. Instruct children not to stare, bark, or growl at the dog, even if they are only playing. They should leave him alone while he is eating or sleeping, and avoid startling him. This can cause your dog to feel threatened and he may react by growling, snapping or biting.

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