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Dog Crate Training Tips

In addition to proper health and hygiene, the social development of your dog is critical to its well-being as a productive member of your family. Like schooling for children, pet training provides dogs with discipline, boundaries and knowledge of what is expected of him/her. PetSmart's Accredited Pet Trainers can help you and your dog - using positive reinforcement and a curriculum developed by the world's leading animal behaviorists and pet trainers.

Beyond professional pet training classes, crate training is essential for puppies that are not housebroken. In addition to the thorough information available in the Puppy Head Start class, and our Crate Training DVD/VHS, here are some tips to get you started at home:

Crate training for dogs - eight steps to a great crate experience!

Size, material and design are all important factors in determining the proper crate for training your dog. If you are considering crate training, it's a good idea to first discuss your pet's needs with a PetSmart Pet Trainer. That way you can be sure that you and your pet have the best possible experience while crate training. You can also refer to PetSmart's Crate Buying Guide to help determine which option is right for you.

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