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Choosing Pet Crates, Gates and Kennels

Crates, carriers, doors, and kennels are all designed to keep your pet safe and secure. You have a number of choices available, depending on your particular needs.

Hard Carriers

These are generally made of a high-density polypropylene. These durable carriers are the only type of crate accepted on airlines. They make excellent indoor homes for your pet because the pet feels safe and secure inside it. Padded, washable foam pads are available to make the crate a little more comfortable. micro-climate for the larvae to thrive."

Soft Carriers

These are made of a softer, more flexible material and are used for transporting small pets. They are equipped with handles and have "windows" for the pet to see out. Some airlines allow pets to travel in the main cabin under your seat in soft carriers. Make sure you allow adequate space for the pet to stand up, move around, and be comfortable.

Wire Crates

Metal wire crates are well ventilated, provide the best visibility, and are collapsible for easy cleaning, transporting and storage. They are particularly helpful for housetraining or for limiting a pet to a small area when you leave the house. Use our wire-crate sizing guide to find the right crate for your dog. Wire crates may not be airline approved, so contact your airline for more details. Placing a crate pad inside can make it more cozy for your pet.

Cardboard Carriers

These may be used for transporting cats or very young puppies a short distance; for example, traveling to the veterinarian.

Kennels and Pens

Kennels and pens are a more permanent means of keeping your dog within a limited space. They are large, they may or may not have a top, and are constructed of metal. Some pens are collapsible so that they can be easily moved or stored. There are also open-air kennel playpens for cats that provide a safe place for cats to play.


Gates are the perfect solution if you want to limit your dog to a particular part of the house while giving him freedom to move about. They are installed in the opening of a doorway, but still allow you to pass through

Pet Doors

Tired of going to the door every time your dog wants to go in or out? Consider a pet door. Pet doors allow your dog or cat to go inside and outside as they please. Some doors are installed in an existing wall or door. Other doors are installed as a separate panel that serves as an extension to a sliding glass door. In all cases, pet doors can be locked to keep the pet inside or outside, and to be an added security. (Note: If you allow your pet to go outdoors, ensure they are equipped with an ID tag, microchip or other means of identification in case they are lost.)

Auto Barriers and Safety Harnesses

Does your dog like to "go for a ride?" Auto barriers are gates that you can install in your vehicle that will keep your dog from moving all over your vehicle while you're trying to drive safely. It still allows your dog to move around, but it limits the space where he can move. This makes driving much safer for you and keeps your dog's head inside the vehicle, which is safer for him. If a dog barrier allows too much freedom for your small pet, then consider a dog safety harness to make sure your dog is riding securely.

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