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Litter Box Lowdown: Training Your Cat

Cats and kittens are naturally very clean animals, and most kittens are litter box trained by around 12 weeks old.

However, the stress of moving to a new home or other routine changes may cause kittens and adult cats to forget their litter box habits.

Here are some tips to help them continue to practice what they've learned:

  • Place the litter box in a quiet area, away from food and water dishes.
  • Remove clumps and solid waste daily.
  • Use the litter your cat prefers and use the same kind every time; you might have to try a few varieties before you find the one that's a keeper.
  • Provide a litter box for every cat in the family.
  • In addition to scooping daily, clean the box once a week; use warm water and mild detergent, be sure to rinse well.

Advanced litter can offer better odor control and allows fewer litter box changes per month while a covered litter box offers your cat privacy and helps control odors.

If your cat eliminates outside the litter box, use an enzymatic odor neutralizer to remove all traces of the odor. This will help keep her from re-marking the same area.

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