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Cat Brushing and Nail Clipping

Keeping your cat's coat groomed and nails trimmed are key to keeping him healthy. If you want to maintain both his coat and nails in between professional groomings or prefer to groom at home, these tips can help make the job easier.


Regular brushing removes dead hair from the coat before it mats, stimulates follicles of the skin, helps prevent hairballs and distributes the natural oils, producing a healthy, shiny coat.

Brush in the direction of hair growth with a wire slicker brush. This will help detangle any matted fur and remove dead hair and debris. After brushing the coat until it is thoroughly clean, you can follow with the cat brush. Use long, flowing strokes to bring out the beautiful luster of your cat's coat.

A grooming glove can also be used after brushing. It will remove any remaining debris, massage the skin and distribute the natural oils resulting in a shiny, healthy coat.

If your cat is a longer-haired breed, you'll have to brush her undercoat to keep it from building up. Most long-haired breeds have an undercoat, which is the softer fur inside the coat. If the undercoat builds up, it can prevent her from properly regulating her body temperature.

Brushing of both long and short-haired breeds also helps prevent excessive shedding which goes a long way in keeping your home (not to mention your wardrobe) free of cat hair.

Be careful brushing a cat's stomach. The hair there is usually fine and pulls easily, which can be painful or sensitive.

Nail Trimming

Never use ordinary scissors to trim your cat's nails; they may injure the cat. Use trimmers that are specifically designed for cats. Hold the paw firmly and squeeze the paw at the base of the nail. This will cause the nail to protrude.

Cut off the tips of the nail with a single stroke, being careful to stop short of the quick, which is the blood vessel inside the nail. (Cutting into the quick will hurt your cat and cause some bleeding.)

Follow up with the nail file, filing toward the tip to smooth the cut edge. Learn more with this cat grooming video, learn more from PetSmart Grooming or visit us in store.

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