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Murray who eats Wellness Small Breed Just for Puppy food

"I'm Murray and I'm 6 months old. I was on another brand of puppy food and it made me very itchy. There were several ingredients that we learned were not good for me in the other brand of food and the kibble was very big for my little mouth. It was suggested that I be switched to Wellness Small Breed Just for Puppy dog food because it’s a top brand without the corn and by-products that made me scratch all day. Since I’ve been eating Wellness brand dog food my allergies are better and I have an easier time eating the kibble. I am not itchy and I’m back to my playful self. Wellness brand cares about my health just as much as my family does."
- Kerry M., New York NY

Rocky who eats Wellness Super5Mix Just for Puppy food

"Here is Rocky swimming in Frenchman's Bay in Bar Harbor, Maine. When Rocky joined our family at 8 weeks, we fed him another brand for about two months. When we switched him to Wellness® Super5Mix® Just for Puppy, the change in his energy and demeanor was noticeable immediately. Now he eats Wellness® Super5Mix® Chicken Recipe dry food with different flavors of Wellness wet dog food mixed in. He loves the two mixed together. I realize every dog owner has a similar story, but Rocky pulled my wife and me out of a dark cycle of thinking and worrying about work every day. His energy and zest for life has been infectious, and I have no doubt that his Wellness diet gives him that energy. With such a happy dog by our sides, we no longer dwell on our days. Thanks to Rocky, and thanks to Wellness."
- Christopher B., West Hartford, CT

Elvis who  eats Wellness Kitten Health dry cat food and Kitten Recipe canned food

"We adopted Elvis when he was 8 weeks old and he came to us very sick with an urinary tract infection and pneumonia. He was on about 5-6 different medications, and was very tiny for his age. I did some research and decided to try Wellness® Kitten Health dry cat food and Kitten Recipe canned cat food to return to a healthy weight and regain his health. He is now 8 months old, weighs about 8 lbs and will only eat Wellness® foods. I've tried other foods and he just sniffs them and walks away, especially the canned food, he refuses to eat any other kind. Suffice to say, Wellness® is the only kind of food we buy now! His coat is shiny and beautiful, and he is a very happy cat!"
— Kathy P., Odenton MD

I'm a show dog and I eat Wellness Super5Mix Chicken Recipe

"I have been using Wellness® Super5Mix® Chicken Recipe for 1.5 years, and I am very satisfied with the results. I have healthy, shiny coats and the dogs eat it right up. I have had some picky eaters, but not with Wellness. I show my Belgian Tervuren, so they have to look their best. Thanks Wellness for making a great dog food."
- Wendy M., Walkerton, IN

Geronimo who eats Wellness Healthy Indulgence and Wellness Indoor Health Recipe

"I adopted my cat Geronimo a little more than a month ago. The volunteer from the adoption agency told me that he was a very picky eater. He had been eating a store brand cat food at the shelter, but I knew that I wanted him to eat something of better quality. I asked around and heard that Wellness® brand cat food was the best that most pet stores carried. When I looked at the Wellness® selection, I was surprised that I had so many options! I decided to get the Healthy Indulgence Pouches of cat food because I liked the idea that they were large pieces of soft, yummy goodness. And Geronimo agreed! I've never had a problem getting him to eat. He has one Wellness® Healthy Indulgence Pouch and 1/2 cup of Wellness® Indoor Health Recipe Dry Cat Food every day. He loves all the pouch flavors, but he really goes crazy for the Tuna Recipe. It turns out that my cat isn't a picky eater - he's a healthy eater!"
— Victoria L., Franklin Square NY

Winston who eats Wellness Super5Mix Just for Seniors

"Winston is a 4-year-old Sheltie. He was switched to Wellness® Super5Mix® Just for Seniors after I noticed he had stiffness in his joints in getting up and not wanting to go for walks. After about a month of eating this food his joints are great – no stiffness and he is a much happier dog!"
- Susan L., Islip Terrace, NY

Nigel who eats Wellness canned cat food and Wellness dry cat food

"I knew that when Nigel came into my life, that I wanted nothing but the best for him. After a lot of trial and error, I discovered that Wellness was the answer. He enjoys a variety of both wet and dry Wellness food products, but his ultimate favorite is the Cubed Tuna Entree. Just the sound of the lid opening sends him into a frenzy! Nigel's coat looks healthy, he's got a ton of energy and he is without a doubt a Wellness fan. Thanks to Wellness, I can be confident that my Nigel is getting the nutrition that he needs while also enjoying a multitude flavors."
— Gina W., Parma OH

Dante da Cat who eats Wellness canned cat food

Dear Humans at Wellness Company,

I am so happy and honored to be your #1 fan, and now I am officially a taste tester! Thanks for noticing how much I loves you all and the fishes flavors. My human was also happy for the frigerator magnet and can lid.

Today I tasted the skipjack tuna & salmon entree. It smelled so good, I ate it all down and licked the plate clean. They were afraid I'd eat too fast, so they only gave me a little bit. Then I puffed up my tail and made some noise until I got some more. It feels great to have the tuna fishes in my belly.

Thank you everyone for your generosity and excellent cooking skills. I took some photos and made a public album so you can go to my page and view them. I am totally Om-nomming and drooling! I cannot wait to try the next flavor! Going to bang the cabinet door now. Bye-bye!

Dante da Cat

Your faithful #1 fan forevers ♥ :3

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