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Royal Canin® Cat Food for Feline Health & Nutrition

For 44 years, Royal Canin has been designing and producing cat food with nutrition that puts cats first. But just because we've been successful in the past doesn't mean we aren't constantly looking to the future. Through constant study and observation, we work hard every day to create innovative foods designed specifically for the nutritional needs of your cat.

Feline Health Nutrition™ Formulas to address special needs

Age, Lifestyle & Special Needs Formulas

  • Meets the cat's nutritional need based on their age and lifestyle.
  • Special formulas available for fussy appetites, hair and skin issues, digestive and oral sensitivities.
Feline Breed Nutrition™ Formulas for Persian, Siamese and Maine Coon cats

Breed Formulas

  • The only breed-specific cat formulas available in the market.
  • For Maine Coon, Persian, and Siamese cats.
Feline Health Nutrition™ wet cat food

Wet Formulas

  • Designed around a cat's instinctive preference.
  • Contains a special mix of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates for a complete nutritional package.
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Feline Health Nutrition™ wet cat food

Feline Health Nutrition Spayed/Neutered

  • High in fiber to help satisfy the demanding appetites of spayed & neutered cats
  • Kitten, Adult, 7+ years Appetite Control and 12+ years Appetite Control formulas available.
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