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Any questions? Below you'll find more detailed information about Nature's Recipe® and how it can help your cat to thrive every day.
Why should I feed my cat a natural food like Nature's Recipe® ?
Nature's Recipe® cat food uses wholesome and natural ingredients with added vitamins and nutrients. We avoid fillers like corn and wheat; every ingredient has a specific nutritional or functional benefit. This means your pet will create less waste, which means there's less to clean up. Less in, less out! It's a win-win situation for both owner and pet.
Does Nature's Recipe® pet food have a history?
Our entire history is based on innovation. Over thirty years ago, Nature's Recipe® developed innovative diets to address the special needs of pets through wholesome, dietary solutions.
  • We created lamb and rice dog kibble
  • We created vegetarian diets for dogs
  • We created diets for specific breed groups
What makes Nature's Recipe® cat food special?
Nature's Recipe® cat food never uses fillers. We use highly digestible ingredients—real chicken or fish is always our number one ingredient. And we never use artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.
What do you mean by "fillers"?
A filler is any ingredient present in a recipe without a specific nutritional or functional benefit. Nature's Recipe® avoids fillers that might not agree with your cat. Every ingredient we use has a specific nutritional or functional benefit.
What kinds of preservatives are used in Nature's Recipe® cat foods?
Nature's Recipe® dry and wet cat foods do not contain any chemical preservatives, such as ethoxyquin, BHA or BHT. We use only natural preservatives.
Why do you use "meal" in your recipes?
Animal meals have significantly higher protein content than wet animal tissues. For example, deboned lamb meat contains about 12% protein while lamb meal contains about 56% protein.
Are the ingredients in Nature's Recipe® products organic?
While the ingredients in Nature's Recipe® are not certified as organic, it is our commitment to bring your pet only safe, high-quality natural ingredients in every product.
Where are your pet products made?
The majority of Nature's Recipe® pet food products are made in the United States, primarily from United States ingredients. As a matter of fact, out of all our products, only a few of the wet varieties are produced outside of the United States.

Federal regulations require a product to list the country of origin if it has been produced outside of the United States or one of its territories. So if one of our products does not specifically state the country of origin, then you know it was produced in the United States or a United States territory. Regardless of the country of origin, strict United States quality and operations standards apply to all Nature's Recipe® products.