Dog Exercise Tips

Helping Your Dog Exercise

Just as with humans, the amount of exercise a dog needs depends on several factors such as age, personality, physical ability/build, and energy level.

  • For some dogs, a brisk, 20- to 30-minute walk twice a day may be enough. An adolescent sporting dog may require more exercise. A senior dog may need less.
  • Monitor your dog's behavior. If your dog is showing signs of pent-up energy, it's likely he or she is not getting adequate aerobic exercise.
  • Before a high-energy run or a rollicking game of fetch, it's always a good idea to warm your dog up with some light tricks to prevent pulled or strained muscles. One good exercise is "doggie sit-ups." Ask your dog to sit and then lie down a few times in succession. Not only does this ready your dog for his workout, but it also reinforces basic obedience.
  • Avoid overexertion. If your dog tries to stop, or shows signs of slowing down, let him.
  • Be sure your dog is well hydrated, but don't let him drink lots of water right after a long stretch of high-energy exercise. And wait at least 20 minutes before feeding your dog a meal.
  • On rainy days, offer your dog mental stimulation to use up some of the energy he would normally spend outdoors. Play hide and seek in the house, practice some obedience training indoors, or invest in an interactive dog toy that encourages your dog to think for his treats.

Picking up after your dog

Billions of pounds of pet waste are produced each year in North America. Amazingly enough, roughly 40 percent of dog guardians rarely or never pick up after their dog. Deposits left curbside or in yards wash into local waterways, spreading dangerous pathogens that can harm aquatic life. Cleaning up after your dog and using pickup bags help prevent dangerous toxic waste seepage from entering the environment.

Bag Dispenser for Dog Walking and Exercise Time

Picking up after your dog is easier and neater with this handy dispenser. It clips onto the D-ring on our leash for easy access.
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