About the Company

Did you know that Innova® was launched in 1993 based on the philosophy that including whole, natural and fresh ingredients are better for pets? This philosophy continues to guide Innova’s formula development to this day!

Did you know that Innova was one of the first holistic, natural pet foods? Since its start in 1993, Innova has been providing healthful, high-quality nutrition for cats and dogs through real ingredients you recognize and trust.

The Wholesome Ingredients We Use

Did you know that Innova is made with real, natural ingredients, including fruits and vegetables, high-quality protein and whole grains?

Did you know that Innova ingredients are tested for safety and nutritional value before they even enter the manufacturing plant? Innova is dedicated to superior manufacturing standards so you can feed your pets confidently.

The Varieties of Food We Offer

Innova has dry, wet, and treat products for both dogs and cats. With all that variety it will be easy to find something your pet will love!

Our Manufacturing Process

Innova dry dog and cat foods are produced in Fremont, Nebraska – in the heartland of America, and our dog biscuits are baked in California.

Did you know that over 100 quality control checks are conducted throughout the Innova manufacturing process? With Innova you can feed your pets with confidence!

Foods for All Stages of Life

Did you know that Innova Senior contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin to help support joint health?

Did you know that Innova Adult Dog and Adult Cat are all life stage foods? That means you can feed the same formula to your puppy/kitten and adult pet!

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