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Exquisicat Lightweight Cat Litters

NEW Lightweight Litter

Looking for something lighter with the same odor control? ExquisiCat® Lightweight Litters are 30-50% lighter than regular cat litter, which makes them easier to get to the car, store in a cabinet or pour into a litter pan. You get the same number of uses as you would with traditional litters, and there's no heavy container to maneuver.

Because the crystals are solid, it's a low-dust formula which helps keep the area around the litter box tidier than typical litter.


Lightweight Scoop Litter

  • 50% lighter than regular scoop litter
  • Hard clumping for easy removal
  • 99.9% dust free, with enhanced odor control

Available in Cedar Scent

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Lightweight Premium Clay Litter

  • 30% lighter than regular clay litter
  • 99% dust free, with enhanced odor control
  • Ideal for multi-cat households

Available in Fragrance Free

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