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PAWdicure PLUS walk-in grooming service

Exquisicat Premium Clay Cat Litter

Clay Litter

ExquisiCat® Premium Clay Litter is a fast-acting, 99% dust-free formula, ideal for multi-cat households. Its highly absorbent white clay effectively reduces odors, and because it's virtually dust free, there will be less mess around the litter box. It's also lighter than other formulas, offering the same number of litter pan uses in a 20-pound bag as you would get from a 25-pound bag of regular clay litter.


Lightweight Clay Litter

  • 30% lighter compared to regular clay litter
  • 99.9% dust free, with enhanced odor control
  • Ideal for multi-cat households

Available in Cedar Scent

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Clay Litter

  • Fast-acting odor control
  • 99% dust free
  • Ideal for multi-cat households

Available in Fragrance Free and Fresh Scent

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